Careers Team at BHFCS:
Mrs J Hawkins - Careers Leader (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
Ms H Jordan - Assistant Headteacher (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Blessed Hugh Faringdon School is committed to providing excellent Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG).

(Careers Programme Information to be reviewed July 2021)

Year 7 Introduction to Careers:

Introduction to careers using Career Pilot Platform
Learning Outcome: To be able to register and be able to navigate the page to find out information on careers BM1,2

Career Terminology
Learning Outcome: Students understand the terminology used BM1,3

Research Jobs of the future (understand what impact Covid-19 has had on the job market)
Learning Outcome: Use labour market information to predict which jobs will grow/decline in the future BM1,2

Explore Green Careers
Learning Outcome: Understand the term “Green Careers” BM1,2

Understanding decision making
Learning Outcome: The skills required for decision making BM1,3

Career Pilot Quiz
Learning Outcome: Know where to find out information BM1,2

Understanding Careers in the curriculum
Learning Outcome: Students understand the relevance of STEM BM1,4

Year 8 Introduction to Careers:

Use Career pilot to research different qualifications
Learning Outcome: Understand the different qualifications available BM1,3

Research the Local labour market
Learning outcome:  Students know what is available and understands the impact Covid-19 has had in the job market BM1,2

Design a questionnaire to ask family members and friends about their career journey
Learning Outcome: Know the different career paths taken by adults BM1,2

Build a skills profile
Learning Outcome: Understand why it is important to understand skills builder BM1,2,4

Introduction to University
Learning outcome: Understand what university is and the different courses available BM1,7

Year 9 Introduction to Careers:

Qualification word-search mix and match
Learning outcome: Students understand what each qualification means BM1,4

Research different GCSE options
Learning outcome: Students understand what is available to help support option choices BM1,4

Introduction to Apprenticeships
Learning outcome: Understand what apprenticeships are BM1,5

Continue to work on skills profile
Learning outcome: Understand the importance of evidencing skills BM1,3

Continue to explore the job market
Learning outcome: learn how differed jobs are marketed and portrayed in the media, understand the impact Covid-19 has had on the job market BM1,2

Year 10 Introduction to Careers:

Job sector quiz
Learning outcome: Understand the different sectors and jobs available, understand the impact Covid-19 has had on the job market BM1,2

Look up pre 16 skills map on Career pilot
Learning outcome: students gain knowledge and help with applying for work experience BM1,3

Work experience launch
Learning outcome: Students understand how the application process works BM1,6

Introduction to CV writing
Learning outcome: Understand the importance of a CV BM1,3

Explore Choices at 16
Learning outcome: Understand what is available BM1,3

Year 11 introduction to Careers:

Introduction to careers library and prospectus
Learning outcome: Students understand where they can get information for post 16 education BM1,7

Introduction to careers guidance
Learning outcome: Students understand the importance of impartial careers advice BM1,3,8

Find 6th form/college provider
Learning outcome: help with application process BM1,3,7

Revisit apprenticeships
Learning outcome: students know what is available and how to apply BM1,3,5

Update CV and next steps
Learning outcome: Understand the importance of keeping a CV updated BM1,3

Year 12 Introduction to Careers:

My qualifications
Learning outcome: Know what options are available and start to consider a career pathway BM1,3

Look at post 16 skills map and CV
Learning outcome: Update both and keep relevant BM1,3,7

Introduction to HE, UCAS and personal statement
Learning outcome: Book visits to university open days BM1,3,7

Revisit Apprenticeships and LMI
Learning outcome: Understand what is available, how to apply and understand the impact Covid-19 has had on the job market BM1

Year 13 Introduction to Careers:

UCAS and personal statements
Learning outcome: Support with applying BM1,3,7

Update CV and skills builder
Learning outcome: Keep CV updated and relevant BM1,3

Look up free online courses available on Career pilot
Learning outcome: To help support personal statement and CV BM1,3

Student Experience

Students are given the opportunity to take part in exciting enrichment activities run by the following organisations:


2017 GCSE grades explained
Grading has moved to a 9-1 scale instead of the A*-G scaling

In the new grading system:

  • 9 is higher than a current A*
  • 8 is between and A* and A
  • 7 is are equal to an A
  • 6 is equivalent to a high B
  • 5 is between a B and C (strong pass)
  • 4 is equal to a grade C (standard pass)
  • 3 is in between a D and E
  • 2 is between an E and F
  • 1 is a G
  • U refers to an ungraded paper

The table below compares the grades 9-1 to the A*-G grading structure:


Career Guidance at Blessed Hugh Faringdon School
Rebecca Dean, Careers Adviser

All year 11 students have the opportunity of a careers guidance interview with Rebecca Dean, a Level 6 qualified, experienced careers adviser working for Adviza, an independent careers advice and guidance company. During this meeting, students explore the variety of options available to them beyond year 11 to enable them to make well informed decisions about their future study and careers. 6th formers can also be seen by self-referral or tutor referral. Rebecca works alongside Mrs Hawkins as part of the school’s careers team on areas of careers education, advice and guidance.

Rebecca can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Adviza website has a range of helpful website links and further information on education, work or training.

The Department for Education’s Careers Strategy was published in December 2017. It set out a series of measures to improve careers guidance in England, including new benchmarks for careers education. To find out more about the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks click here.

For Local Labour Market Information please click here.

The Careers and Enterprise Company run a national network that connects schools and colleges with employers and careers programme providers and supports them to work together. The network is facilitated by Enterprise Coordinators, who work with schools and colleges to build career plans and make connections to local and national employers.

At Blessed Hugh Faringdon School, our Enterprise Coordinator is Mrs Sue Sharp who is based in the Thames Valley Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership.

The school has joined the newly formed Thames Valley careers hub this is a group of 20 schools across the Thames Valley it will be working closely together to further improve the range of outcomes for the young people in the local area. Increased support will be available to the school through a new hub lead, working with existing enterprise coordinators to deliver against the Gatsby benchmarks. The hub lead will coordinate activity and build local networks (for example with employers businesses and hire further education providers).

National Careers Week

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