Written Presentation of Students’ Work

All pupils are to write with a blue or black pen. Drawings/diagrams/illustrations are to be done in pencil initially.

The date must be written at top of page or at the start of the new task on the right-hand side and underlined using a ruler. Students should write the date in full e.g. ‘12th June’. Students studying a modern foreign language are required to write the day and date in full in the target language.

Each new piece of work should be given an appropriate title and the title must be underlined with a ruler.

Learning objectives and outcomes, which teachers require students to enter in exercise books, must be clearly defined and written either before or after the title as instructed.

Finishing Work
Completed work must be ruled off at the end of each piece using a ruler.

Space Wasting
There must be economical use of books and paper with no wasted space in exercise books. When using loose paper, both sides of paper are to be used and if the paper is hole-punched, the task must start on the side with the holes to the LEFT. All lines must be used. Students must not write in the space beneath the bottom line and must always use the top line.

Classwork and Homework
Class work and homework tasks must be clearly defined with a subheading ‘CW’ or ‘HW’ either in the margin or at the start of respective task(s). This should be underlined with a ruler. Students studying a modern foreign language should write these in the target language as instructed.

Where answers are numbered, all numbers must be included and should be written in the margin.

This must be legible with letters clearly formed. New paragraphs must be indented and begin on the line below the previous paragraph. Students should not miss a line to indicate a new paragraph.

These must be crossed out with a single straight line - no scribbling out or excessive use of crossing out. No "Tippex" style products should be used. Corrections should be inserted as close to the crossing out as possible. An asterisk * and a note at the bottom of the page may be used if the correction will not fit in the space available. Erasers are permitted for pencil work.

These must be completed in pencil. Straight lines must be drawn with a ruler. Annotation and labeling may be done in pen or pencil as per the demands of the subject and as advised by the teacher.

These should be completed, in pencil, and may be coloured as advised by the teacher.

Graffiti and doodling are not allowed on ANY written work or elsewhere in exercise books.

Exercise Books

The pupil’s name, tutor group, subject and name of the subject teacher must be written on the front cover of exercise books. Books are not to be defaced in any way.

Work Sheets
All additional sheets of paper should be trimmed and glued neatly into exercise books beneath the appropriate title and date or as instructed. There should be NO loose sheets in exercise books (except where in current use).   

Marking of Pupil Work

Written Responses


General points